If you've missed one of our virtual events, you can watch it in our YouTube channel.
  • While we can’t run together in person, we can run together virtually! Challenge yourself and your friends in the beautiful course between Ispra and Ranco, on the shore of lake Maggiore. We have two different distances that… [Read]
    Location: Ispra

  • While we can’t run together in person, we can run together virtually! Challenge yourself and your friends in the beautiful surroundings of the Natuurrecreatiegebied Dekshoevevijver and the Kanaal Bocholt Herentals.   The… [Read]
    Location: Geel

  • The Portuguese Semester 2021 has joined forces with the recently created ‘Joint Running Club’ and the European Commission Fit@Work initiative, to organise a non-competitive Virtual Run & Walk from Ispra to Lisbon, now… [Read]
    Location: Outdoor

  • We are proud to present a fully original photography exhibition from Rui Barroso, a true modern renaissance man, who besides being a photographer is also a Tango professor among other things. In this exhibition, Rui Barroso… [Read]
    Location: Online

  • The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is an occasion to promote culture and highlight the significance of its diversity as an agent of inclusion and positive change. The Portuguese semester wants… [Read]
    Location: Online (zoom)

  • In May, the Portuguese Semester celebrates diversity in its different forms and formats. The 24th of May is the time to honour biological diversity (or biodiversity), which refers to the variety of living organisms on Earth… [Read]
    Location: Online

  • CINEMANDO: THE SEA IS THE EARTH. O MAR É A TERRA. Session 4. In collaboration with the Escola Superior de Artes e Design, the PT semester proudly presents this series of short films produced by students of ESAD: the… [Read]
    Location: Online. Zoom.

  • We are happy to announce we have managed to setup a unique 'live stream cooking' experience event orgnaised in collaboration with the 'Petiscaria - Milão', that is as the name says, located in Milan! By participating you… [Read]
    Location: Online (Registration required)

  • Are you feeling like a canned sardine lately? Well, then this workshop is for you! From a long time, the portuguese people has been looking at the sea both as a way of discovery and a way of survival. With a sea that goes… [Read]
    Location: Online

  • Hello again! Welcome to the fourth month of the photography competition, where we again propose a word or a theme around Portugality and you let your imagination flow around it. For the month of May our word is: "… [Read]
    Location: Online

  • "Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference." Claire Fagin (American nurse, educator, academic, and consultant) Science communication outreach, a powerful tool to promote science education When you… [Read]
    Location: zoom - to be announced

  • A variety of short cuts of several styles and for all ages (more news coming soon) *Still under construction*
    Location: To be confirmed, if possible presential (Ispra)

  • Azulejo, from the Arabic al-zillīj is a form of Portuguese painted tin-glazed ceramic tile work. Azulejos are omnipresent throughout the country, from interior and exterior of churches, palaces, houses or train and subway… [Read]
    Location: JRC Ceramics club / Clubhouse

  • Of all the corners of the world I love with a stronger and deeper love That beach enraptured and bare Where I become one with the sea, the wind and the moon. Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen, (Mar, in Poesia, 1944)* 8th… [Read]
    Location: Open air

  • *** date of the wine tasting to be confirmed *** But meanwhile,... You can already have Portuguese wine at your table! details and orders here. Portugal and wine Portugal is one of the main wine producers in Europe and… [Read]
    Location: JRC-Ispra Clubhouse/Mensa or online (to be confirmed)

  • In a time when travelling is limited, the Portuguese semester is proud to present a series of photography exhibitions that will allow for viewers to travel to Portugal via the lens of a series of photographers that try to… [Read]
    Location: Portuguese semester website.