Collective order of Portuguese Authentic Specialities (Ispra and surroundings)

We are coming to you with a proposal to buy very special Portuguese Authentic Specialities from Torre de Moncorvo - Portugal. Find out more about this region in our 'Virtual Tour' dedicated to the Northeast of Portugal. The supplier of the products is also the owner of a famous local restaurant - Taberna do Carrò.

Such products (details in PDF) have an excellent quality, are genuine and have a history of tradition. Their most famous product that we are now attempting to bring to you and included in our boxes is the 'Amendôas Cobertas' i.e. sugar covered almonds. These won recently back in 2020 an important prize as the number one sweet wonder of Portugal.


7 Maravilhas Doces de Portugal


Another fantastic sweet product is their 'pumpkin jam' that you cannot just stop eating and the jars seem to be too small! On the salty side the 'alheiras' i.e. a Portuguese sausage made with meats (usually pork, veal, duck, chicken, quail or rabbit) and bread, are truly fantastic!

You have a sweet, salty or mixed box of products option that we have carefully selected for you, ranging from €55 - €120. Quoted prices are per single box and already include transportation costs to Italy. You may clearly buy more than one box!

While evaluating the filling out of the pre-order request have also a look at the detailed demonstrative pictures and their description.

Sample Products Box


We will contact you with further practical details at the end of the pre-order and before the overall collective order is completed.


Pre-order closing date: 28th April 2021.
Payment closing date: 3rd May 2021.
Delivery: end of May (to be organized by the Semester at a convenient location close to the JRC premises).

After receiving a minimum number of orders we will proceed to the request of the pre-payment. In case we receive more orders than we can handle, we'll apply the first paid first served rule.

Have a look also to the PDF in attach and should you have further questions please contact

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