Photo Competition Winners

The winners collection exhibits the best work at capturing a "portugality" related to each monthly theme of the Portuguese Semester Photo Competition. 
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Often described as a word needed to have a translation into multiple languages for its virtues in daily life, "Desenrascar" is a Portuguese word used, in common language, to express an ability to solve a problem without having the knowledge or the adequate tools to do so, by use of imaginative resources or by applying knowledge to new situations. It’s artful disentanglement from a problem.

Theme: Desenrascar | 1st Prize: Stefano Ruberto | Sardine Power
Theme: Desenrascar | Honorable Mention: Ralf Steinberger

Discovery can be defined by the action or process of discovering or being discovered, but for Portugal and the Portuguese people, the Discoveries also mean a period of economical prosperity and advancements in science, which in general make us proud. The Discoveries were a period, between the XV and XVIII centuries, where the Portuguese have made maritime expeditions towards unknown continents and have established important new ways of trade between the East Indies, the American continent and mainland Europe. 

Theme: Descobrimentos | 1st Prize: Monica Cardarilli | A matter of perspectives
Theme: Descobrimentos | Honorable Mention: Benedicte Vroye | Angera
Theme: Descobrimentos | Honorable Mention: Kaat Van Orshoven | Fernando Pessoa
Congratulations to all the talented and creative photographers for their submissions!