What do we have in store in June? 


We are entering in the final sprint of our semester. It is amazing how fast it went. 

But with the good weather and the improvement of the pandemic situation the opportunities for open-air activities away from the computer have finally arrived!!!! 

We continue our mission of bringing Portugal closer to you by sharing Portuguese cinema, photographers, food recipes and even our language and our best-kept secret spots. 


Here’s what we have in store this month: 

1 June | Celebrating the Portuguese Children's 

  • We had a wonderful celebration webinar on 2 heart-warming social projects that give scientific role modules to less advantegeous children. If you missed it, the recording will soon be available here

  • We shared the links to children story tales about our planet, the oceans, the climate crisis and how to live in a more sustainable way. 

  • And we prepared 3 traditional Portuguese stories in video, with intros in italian and english, made by the children themselves.  

6 June | Tin tan tuna - Portuguese canned food workshop 
All hands on deck!! At aperitivo time we will guide you through some recipes that you can prepare and have for dinner right away. We will go through some of the history around the canned fish industry and how you can eat it. 

Until 6 June | Lake Cleaning 
We care about the environment and we want to take action where we can involvE our families. We are organizing several cleaning days. We have already some partners but together we reach better results. Are you willing to join us? 

8 June | Celebrating the World Oceans Day 
On the International Day of the Oceans, we talk on how we should take care of something that is so dear and so important to us. 

11 & 12 June|Dance Challenge 
Whether you joined our Dance workshops or not, everyone is invited to join the Dance Challenge. Dance the Malhao wherever you are and be part of our Semester closing video.  

19 June | CINEMANDO ao ar livre: 'curtas' 
Within Ispra Lagovisioni programme, a night of short films featured at the prestigious Festival Cinema from Vila do Conde and from School of Design of Caldas Da Rainha ESAD.PT students. And who knows some PT specialities to entertain the stomachs. 

25 June | CINEMANDO ao ar livre: A Gaiola Dourada 
Within Ispra Lagovisioni programme, we will feature A Gaiola Dourada (Gilded cage) It is a French-Portuguese comedy film released in 2013. It was directed by Ruben Alves. An emigrant family in Paris which everybody loved... La crème de la crème of Portuguese actors perfom at this film. 

15 June | Photography exhibition with the JRC Photo Cine Club: Lisbon Street Photography 
For our last  exhibition we return to where we started. Street Photography. 

1-30 June | Photography competition 
This month the word is POPULAR. Show us your most typical party pop pictures. 

June | Let’s celebrate?   
June is also the month that in Portugal we have several folkloric and traditional celebrations .... depending on the restrictions we might have something cultural, sportif and for leisure for you. Stay tuned 😉 


Keep moving in June! 

PT Semester XC Runnning Race Geel 

Virtual Run & Walk from Ispra to Lisbon 


Here are our “Made in Portugal” June’s picks:   

Secret Route | The West is best TAKE 1, and 
Ines, Tiago, Luisa and Sandra take us to the WEST! West is the Best and you can take it in 3 times. Outstanding World Heritage sites, long breath-taking beaches and Atlantic waves that will keep you on your toes and make you, too return to the West. 

Sounds of Portugal | Our picks 
Don’t know what music to listen anymore? Discover the songs and albums our team loves the most.   

Tastes of Portugal | Recipes from Chef Carlos 
Our colleague Carlos Chaves has now released nine Portuguese recipes. Try them out and let us know! 

Sustainable eco-friendly footware. Right on time for the summer! 


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What do we have in store in May?


April showers bring May flowers and new activities to the Portuguese Semester. We continue our mission of bringing Portugal closer to you by sharing Portuguese cinema, photographers, food recipes and even our language and our best-kept secret spots.

Can you believe we are already in the fifth month of the EU Portuguese Presidency? We don't... time flies!

Here’s what we have in store this month:

4, 11, 29 May | Cinemando: “The sea is the Earth” short films
Watch with us the series of short films produced by students of the School of Arts and Design and engage in lively discussions with the short film makers!

5 May | Portuguese Language: Master the basics
What words do you know in Portuguese? On World Portuguese Language Day, we launch a special episode of Portuguese with Leo to tell you all about the basics of Portuguese.

9, 30 May | Lake Cleaning
We care about the environment and we want to take action where we can involve our families. We are organising several cleaning days. We have already some partners but together we reach better results. Are you willing to join us?

21 May | World Day for cultural diversity for dialogue and development
Join this webinar for a discussion on the current state of cultural diversity and inclusion of scientists from the Global South in Europe and the cooperation models in science.

24 May | International Day for Biological Diversity
Learn from Portuguese scientists and institutions how science can support the EU biodiversity strategy and share with us your insights on the topic.

29 May | Full Portuguese menu Live Stream Cooking Experience 
Unique 'live stream cooking' experience event organised in collaboration with the 'Petiscaria - Milão'. Limited number of participants, delivery only to Italy due to logistical reasons, so hurry up before all places are taken!

30 May | Tin tan tuna – Portuguese canned food workshop
Are you feeling like a canned sardine lately? We will bring you some of our favorite recipes made from tin canned fish. You will make it, eat it and ask for more.

1-31 May | Photography competition
This month the word is "Pantufashion". Send us your best shot and check the winners collection here just hot off the press!

1 June | Portuguese children’s day
In Portugal, this day is focused on the little ones. In our Semester, we focus on social educational projects that bring science role module to children.

Keep moving in May!
PT Semester XC Runnning Race Ispra
PT Semester XC Runnning Race Geel
Virtual Run & Walk from Ispra to Lisbon

Here are our “Made in Portugal” May’s picks:

Secret Route | A visit to Pre-history, “gold balck” mines and waterfalls
Carlos tells all about the fabulous trails in Freita mountain, in Arouca. If you are a nature lover you will surely like this. Did you know that you can find here the world's largest pedestrian suspension bridge?

Sounds of Portugal | Our picks
Don’t know what music to listen anymore? Discover the songs and albums our team loves the most.

Tastes of Portugal | Recipes from Chef Carlos
Our colleague Carlos Chaves has now released nine Portuguese recipes. Try them out and let us know!

Brand | Conserveira do Sul
Family business producing high quality and traditionally manufactured canned fish and fish pastes in Southern Portugal. Enjoy 10% discount with the promo code CANSPT!

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As we know you don’t want to miss a thing, we are making the recordings of all past events available here.


Image: "Maias". These yellow broom flowers are placed on the doors of every house as part of a springtime tradition in some villages of Portugal. This is how the month of May is welcomed. Know more here.

What do we have in store in April?


Spring has finally sprung and Easter is on the way. As you all know, we love celebrating the warmer days, the food and the wine. 

So, it’s time to ditch the coat and join us in the activities we have for you this month. From discovering a very special date for us in April to participate in a virtual running race and still get to experience Portuguese flavors in your cuisine with our online recipes made exclusively for you.

Here’s what we have in store this month:

1-30 April | Photography competition
This month the word is LIBERDADE ~ LIBERTÀ ~ FREEDOM ( - libərˈdad(ə)

17 April | Sci Comm – Stand Up Scientists
Would you like to know more about a project that uses laughing as a main driver to communicate science? Join us to know who they are. What are their motivations. And what is the process and who is behind them making sure that they do well on stage.

25 April | Photo exhibition on our website - "The dawn of Freedom"
Mário Varela Gomes was an Architecture student, when the Carnation Revolution happen. He was at the right place at the right time to captured the moments that turned that April morning into a new period in the history of Portugal.

25 April | Cinemando: April Captains movie
April Captains (Portuguese: Capitães de Abril) is a film telling the story of the Carnation Revolution, the military coup that overthrew the fascist dictatorship in Portugal. Come and celebrate the 25th April 1974 with us!

26 April | Participatory and deliberative democracy(ies): how are Portuguese women walking the walk?
Join us in this interactive conversation with Portuguese women to commemorate 47 years from what has been called the Carnations revolution, with a focus on creativity in advancing democracy in Portugal.

25 April – 25 May | PT Semester XC Runnning Race
While we can’t run together in person, we can run together virtually! If running is not your thing, you can also walk. Lace up your shoes and hit the pavement!

Here are our “Made in Portugal” April’s picks:

Tastes of Portugal | Recipes from Chef Carlos
If you’re lacking ideas of what to cook during lockdown, we got you covered! Our Chef Carlos Chaves proposes a series of Portuguese recipes so that you can experience the tastes of Portugal in your cuisine.

Secret Route | Hot land, Cold land or both: The choice is yours!
Sofia and her father share with us a blissfully peaceful route in the Northeast Portugal, full of tips for you to enjoy the most this tourist-free hidden pearl of Portugal. Bookmark this route for your next trip to Portugal.

Portugal through the eyes of our JRC colleagues | Testimonies 
We asked our colleagues about their best experiences when visiting Portugal. Check out what they say about our home country and do not hesitate in sharing your experience with us too!

Brand | A Vida Portuguesa
Easter is the perfect excuse to fill your belly with traditional and delicious almonds and chocolates. We invite you to discover “A Vida Portuguesa”, a small chain selling traditional Portuguese products that survived the passage of time.

Do you know that all events can be directly added to your own calendar so that you don’t miss them out?
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As we know you don’t want to miss a thing, we are making the recordings of all past events available here

Wiishing you a Happy Easter!

What do we have in store in March?


March promises to be an amazing month to welcome spring with the Portuguese Semester! An exciting one filled of activities to celebrate nature, from forests to water, photography and dance.  

Do you know that all events can be directly added to your own calendar so that you don’t miss them out? You just need to go here  and click on Add to calendar.  

As we know you don’t want to miss a thing, we are making the recordings of all past events available here

Here’s what we have in store this month: 

1-31 March |  Photography competition 
This month the word is “Discovery”. A broad theme that can mean so much for so many. From the eyes of a child or the mind of a scientist. We are eager to receive your ideas. 

12 March | Portuguese Trad Dance Night 
Whether you are a dance lover or are just looking for something fun to do on a Friday night, this workshop is for you! Join us in this dance-like tour of Portugal! Register here.

19 March | International Day of Forests 
Join us on this lunchtime talk on the role of forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation, with a special focus on Portuguese forests. 

22-26 March | Water Week 
Discover how Portuguese research institutions contribute to five UN SDGs related to water. Watch with your family the animated short-film Aquastory about the efficient use of water and ask filmmakers live questions. 

Here are our “Made in Portugal” March’s picks:  

Taste of Portugal | Portuguese wine 
While the presential wine tasting cannot be made, we can still bring Portuguese wines to your table. Check the updated information in the link. 

Brand | Sopro Jewellery 
This month we highlight Portuguese jewellery design inspired by nature. Enjoy 10% discount using the promo code SOPRO10 created for the Portuguese Semester. 

Father’s Day | Cabeça de Vento 
An original gift to celebrate Father's Day. Cabeça de Vento creates personalized wool crafts dolls to you and your family. 

Secret Route | From Coimbra to Figueira da Foz 
Raquel shares all her tips and secret spots, so that you can experience these two cities as a local on your next trip to Portugal. 

Cultural Gems | Coimbra, city of knowledge 
Explore Coimbra’s best hidden cultural spots and city stories directly on the map of this JRC’s web app. 

Portuguese with Leo | Portuguese academic traditions 
This episode talks about Portuguese academic traditions, their meaning, their history and how they influenced one of the biggest media franchises of all time: the Harry Potter Universe. 

Ocean Alive | Keepers of the Sea - Women Wisdom for Science Online Exhibition 
The fundraising campaign associated to the exhibition will close on the 8th of March (international women’s day). If you haven’t visited the exhibition yet don’t miss the opportunity to know more about this very interesting project.