Meet the Winners of the PT Semester 2021 XC Running Race Geel

Dekshoevevijver lake

From 25 April until 06 June, we launched the challenge of the PT Semester 2021 XC Running Race Geel. We proposed a track departing from the JRC Geel, heading to the magnificent Natuurrecreatiegebied Dekshoevevijver (a premium place for fishing and organising pic-nics) and back to the JRC. The participants could run anytime and how many times they wanted.                                                                                       


Now it is time to meet the winners! 

5.6k Women
1. Stephanie Vanhove: 37:59 (min:s)
2. Penka Shegunova: 37:59
3. Saioa Elordui: 1:04:28

5.6k Men
1. Steven Vermeiren: 20:39
2. Sébastien Boulo: 28:31
3. Stephane Mazoua: 53:12

Congratulations to all participants!

We hope you enjoy the prizes!

More info about the event here.