Once upon a time... Stories of Water

Today the Portuguese community (but not only) celebrates children's day!
What better way than to use stories to celebrate, at the same time that we teach to care for our planet.

You can find some portuguese story telling (with italian and english introductions) here,

but we also travel back to our Water week....

A group of scientists wrote short stories addressing their field of research, aimed at a children’s audience (< 12 years old) but also at adults. Some members of the team are working at the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

Download here the first and second volumes of the series Once Upon a Time... a Scientific Fairy Tale available in several languages (e.g. Chinese, English, Filipino, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish).

Learn about our planet, the oceans, the climate crisis and how to live in a more sustainable way by reading entertaining and factual tales. The stories’ protagonists are marine and terrestrial animals along with other species that inhabit planet Earth, such as human beings.

Era uma vez
@ OUAT Equipa (2017). Era uma vez… um conto científico, volume I. Primeira Edição. Bremen, Alemanha. Free download
once upon a time
@OUAT team (2020). Once upon a time... a scientific fairy tale – Volume II,
ISBN: 978-3-8378-1501-6
Free download