Portuguese Semester symbol: The story behind our 'Paper Boat'

PT Semester 2021 logo

Our - ‘Barquinho de Papel’ - ‘Paper Boat’ and our World!

Why a boat? It is part of our history and represents the strong bond all Portuguese have with the Oceans! It links us not only to our past, but also considers our present and the future i.e. o passado, o presente e o futuro!

Not just another ‘boat’ but also a simple but easily recognised element! Who has not seen a ‘barquinho de papel’? The ‘Paper Boat’ has a long history that goes back to 15th century, is stronger more resilient than it seems, being portrayed in a stylised way also provides a different view of what it is and an outlook to the future i.e. foresight!

It can clearly be associated with teamwork: a ‘crew’ working as one team! i.e. Tripulação, uma só equipa

It relates to togetherness… The Portuguese expression ‘Juntos no mesmo barco!’, meaning ‘Together, all in the same boat!’, says it all!

How many of us have folded one of such paper boats with whatever kind of scrap paper, giving it a second life? Do not know how to fold one? We will certainly show you how to it during our Semester!

Have a look at our 'Barquinho de Papel' - 'Paper Boat' symbol animation!