What do we have in store in April?


Spring has finally sprung and Easter is on the way. As you all know, we love celebrating the warmer days, the food and the wine. 

So, it’s time to ditch the coat and join us in the activities we have for you this month. From discovering a very special date for us in April to participate in a virtual running race and still get to experience Portuguese flavors in your cuisine with our online recipes made exclusively for you.

Here’s what we have in store this month:

1-30 April | Photography competition
This month the word is LIBERDADE ~ LIBERTÀ ~ FREEDOM (li.ber.da.de - libərˈdad(ə)

17 April | Sci Comm – Stand Up Scientists
Would you like to know more about a project that uses laughing as a main driver to communicate science? Join us to know who they are. What are their motivations. And what is the process and who is behind them making sure that they do well on stage.

25 April | Photo exhibition on our website - "The dawn of Freedom"
Mário Varela Gomes was an Architecture student, when the Carnation Revolution happen. He was at the right place at the right time to captured the moments that turned that April morning into a new period in the history of Portugal.

25 April | Cinemando: April Captains movie
April Captains (Portuguese: Capitães de Abril) is a film telling the story of the Carnation Revolution, the military coup that overthrew the fascist dictatorship in Portugal. Come and celebrate the 25th April 1974 with us!

26 April | Participatory and deliberative democracy(ies): how are Portuguese women walking the walk?
Join us in this interactive conversation with Portuguese women to commemorate 47 years from what has been called the Carnations revolution, with a focus on creativity in advancing democracy in Portugal.

25 April – 25 May | PT Semester XC Runnning Race
While we can’t run together in person, we can run together virtually! If running is not your thing, you can also walk. Lace up your shoes and hit the pavement!

Here are our “Made in Portugal” April’s picks:

Tastes of Portugal | Recipes from Chef Carlos
If you’re lacking ideas of what to cook during lockdown, we got you covered! Our Chef Carlos Chaves proposes a series of Portuguese recipes so that you can experience the tastes of Portugal in your cuisine.

Secret Route | Hot land, Cold land or both: The choice is yours!
Sofia and her father share with us a blissfully peaceful route in the Northeast Portugal, full of tips for you to enjoy the most this tourist-free hidden pearl of Portugal. Bookmark this route for your next trip to Portugal.

Portugal through the eyes of our JRC colleagues | Testimonies 
We asked our colleagues about their best experiences when visiting Portugal. Check out what they say about our home country and do not hesitate in sharing your experience with us too!

Brand | A Vida Portuguesa
Easter is the perfect excuse to fill your belly with traditional and delicious almonds and chocolates. We invite you to discover “A Vida Portuguesa”, a small chain selling traditional Portuguese products that survived the passage of time.

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As we know you don’t want to miss a thing, we are making the recordings of all past events available here

Wiishing you a Happy Easter!