• 28/03/2021
    "Hidro was hit by luck. Water is all around him and seems to have no end. But his joy is interrupted by warning signs. After all, water is limited and scarce. Is it too late? Will the H2O family be able to change their behaviours and manage this resource efficiently by applying… [Read]

  • 26/03/2021
    (Versão Portuguesa abaixo) One of the beauties of travelling is to get to know the natural landscape of a country or a region. If you go to Portugal make sure that you explore it even if just a little bit.  And what better way than to combine it with (a radical) sport?Javsport… [Read]

  • 26/03/2021
    Healthy oceans and seas are essential to our existence.They cover 70 percent of our planet and we rely on them for food, energy and water. Yet, we have managed to do tremendous damage to these precious resources. We must protect them by eliminating pollution and overfishing and… [Read]

  • 25/03/2021
    Climate change is a real and undeniable threat to our entire civilization. The effects are already visible and will be catastrophic unless we act now. Through education, innovation and adherence to our climate commitments, we can make the necessary changes to protect the planet… [Read]

  • 22/03/2021
    The world’s population is constantly increasing.To accommodate everyone, we need to build modern, sustainable cities. For all of us to survive and prosper, we need new, intelligent urban planning that creates safe, affordable and resilient cities with green and culturally… [Read]

  • 14/03/2021
    You know the feeling of walking into a photo exhibition and being transported to somewhere else? This is what we feel when we take the visit to the recently launched online exhibition “Hope”, forgetting where we are and embarking on a world of emotions. "Hope" portrays Portugal… [Read]

  • 05/03/2021
    While we remain under lockdown, we can still bring a curated selection of wines to your table. Directly from Portugal to Ispra (Italy) and surroundings! The Portuguese Cultural Semester is organizing a collective order of a selection of typical Portuguese wines at convenient… [Read]

  • 04/03/2021
    Today, 4th of March is World Obesity Day. We mark it to raise attention across the globe and inspire action to "build happier, healthier and longer lives for everybody". Obesity is quite a complex disease, we need to address its root causes and create healthier environments… [Read]

  • 03/03/2021
    March promises to be an amazing month to welcome spring with the Portuguese Semester! An exciting one filled of activities to celebrate nature, from forests to water, photography and dance.   Do you know that all events can be directly added to your own calendar so that you don… [Read]

  • 16/02/2021
    Last Thursday (11th February) we skipped lunch to celebrate the International day of girls and women in science with top Portuguese female scientists, hear about their careers and projects and reflect on the disparities we still see.  Our conclusion: Women in Science, everyone… [Read]

  • 04/02/2021
    Today, 4th of February is World Cancer Day. We mark it to raise attention across the globe and inspire action for a cancer-free future. It is a day that means much to many - all? - of us. Cancer has touched nearly everyone's lives. Raquel Carvalho knows it too well, because her… [Read]

  • 19/01/2021
    On January 15, over 600 people got together online for the Opening Ceremony of the Portuguese Semester at the Joint Research Centre (JRC). In these challenging times, we were happy to see that turning the usual in-person event into an online one, allowed us to celebrate the… [Read]

  • 15/01/2021
    Each time a Member State holds the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU we celebrate its culture at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy. As part of these commemorations, it is a long tradition to set up a symbol of the Semester at the roundabout inside the… [Read]

  • 07/01/2021
    Our - ‘Barquinho de Papel’ - ‘Paper Boat’ and our World! Why a boat? It is part of our history and represents the strong bond all Portuguese have with the Oceans! It links us not only to our past, but also considers our present and the future i.e. o passado, o presente e o… [Read]

  • 07/01/2021
    It is common knowledge that we all have China to thank for the original cultivation and use of tea!  The English are the most famous drinkers of such infusions! It is far less known that it was the Portuguese who inspired its popularity in England – in particular, one Portuguese… [Read]