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Portuguese soaps, colonies and body care products
Portuguese beauty creams
Portuguese scented soaps, home fragrances and body care products
Spreading the Portuguese land forest aromas

Food & Drinks

Flavour, tradition and high quality, all in one simple can
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One of Portugal’s foremost specialists in wine and spirits
Black and green tea grown in the Atlantic island of São Miguel, Azores
Portuguese chocolates
Portuguese canned fish
Portuguese artisanal jams in a tube
Portuguese groceries online shop
Portuguese traditional flavors in a modern design


Traditional Portuguese jewellery
Sopro Jewellery portrays nature and its elements as they go through season’s changes

Clothes & Shoes

Sustainable footwear made with cork
Transparently Made in Portugal, 100% organic textiles


Intergenerational creative hub, were social and emotional bonds are knitted in the local community
Original Portuguese ceramics
Production and dyeing of knitting, crochet and Arraiolos yarns with an eye on sustainability


100% natural toys for children made with cork
100% eco-friendly kids & baby clothes
Beautiful, simple and colorful children's clothes ethically produced in Portugal


Genuine and touching products of Portuguese design
Find here the "Galo de Barcelos" and much more!!
Doll families - Wool crafts
Wear original, natural and sustainable products
Products from Serra da Estrela, the Portuguese highest point, populated by flocks of sheep